Why a school of revival?

The Collaborate Move•Meant School of Revival exists to ignite revival in your life, church, and city.

How the school works

Are you called to lead people into personal and corporate revival? Below are some examples of how the school starts up a revival culture.

  • Cultivate a revival culture in the family
  • Advanced training for ministry staff
  • Evangelism training for church members
  • Increase outreach with quarterly schools
  • Community revival weekend events
  • Pilot program for a school of ministry
  • Ministry upgrade with a brand refresh

Be moved by the insightful teaching, demonstrations of God’s love, and spirit of collaboration imparted to the group.

Insightful Teaching

The central truths of the story of Jesus help believers form the core beliefs that lead to personal revival.


Displays of God’s love draws the group into a revival experience as volunteers participate in live demonstrations of the gifts of the Spirit.


The school hosts a safe and affirming environment for believers to practice being led by God in different graces. Teams of two or more also participate in street outreach in the local community.

School schedule

Currently, a One or Two-day school schedule is in place at this time. The entrance fee is $30.00 per person or with a love offering. A free Collaborate Move•Meant school of revival educational poster is included! While dates and times are flexible, an example of the Two-day school schedule is below.  

Optimized School Schedule 11 4 21

We are also happy to work with different groups, such as revival teams or home groups. Connect with us to reserve your school dates in advance! We look forward to bringing the School of Revival to your church and city.

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