Collaborating with Jesus discipleship coaching

Discipleship is the process of collaborating with Jesus to internalize His teachings and model His lifestyle.


A discipleship coach leads coachees through inquiry, applying key disciplines of following Jesus to achieve strategic growth goals and ultimately fulfill their God-given purpose.

How coaching works

Are you answering the call to be a follower of Jesus? Surprisingly, many churches do not offer a discipleship program. Hence, the need for discipleship coaching.


Coaching is the process of inquiring from Jesus about the next step toward achieving a strategic growth goal.


The unique discipleship DNA and paradigm of the Collaborating with Jesus coaching program will empower believers to become mature disciples.

Discipleship DNA

The Collaborating with Jesus book is the impetus behind the coaching program. It is a recommended read but not required for coaching sessions. Below is the Collaborating with Jesus discipleship DNA.

Vision – Empower Christians around the world to become mature disciples that, in turn, make disciples.

Mission – Love people and lead them to a relationship with Jesus.

Core Values:

Connection – Engage the heart of Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Vision – View life through the eyes of Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Transformation – Take part in Father God’s divine nature and conform to the image of Jesus.

Collaboration – Dream with Father God and collaborate with Jesus.

Discipleship Paradigm

The sent paradigm of Jesus is a central topic in the Collaborating with Jesus book. Jesus modeled what it looks like to live as a sent one from heaven. The coaching program highlights four aspects of the life of Jesus by way of modules. The four modules are below.

Adoption – Father God adopts believers into His family and makes them His sons and daughters. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, sons and daughters grow in sonship and find a home to thrive in with family.

Vision – Sons and daughters increase vision for life as they explore the areas of discipleship, the kingdom of God, and royalty.

Collaboration – Learn how to operate in the sent paradigm, profile, and pattern of Jesus to collaborate with Him in every area of life.

Supernatural Concentration – Walk in the supernatural lifestyle of hearing Father God’s voice, growing in the five-fold capacities of Jesus, and exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Coaching Session

Each session involves a one-hour voice or video call with the coaching format below. 


Connection – How intimate is my relationship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?

Vision – What do I need to become aware of in my life?

Transformation – What are my hindrances to growth?

Collaboration – What is the change Jesus and I need to create together?

Followed by:

Next Step – Decide on the next step toward following Jesus more closely.

Growth Goal – Decide on a growth goal that helps the coachee become more like Jesus.

Action Plan – Devise an action plan to accomplish the next step and growth goal.

Prayer – Close the session with a Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit directed prayer.

Coaching support

  • Intercessory prayer support before and after sessions
  • Email support between sessions
  • New resource release dates
  • Upcoming events announcements
  • Discipleship networking opportunities

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A one-hour coaching consultation involves meeting the coach and going over a presentation of the transformative coaching program. The inspirational presentation casts a vision for believers to experience an empowered life of fully following Jesus as a disciple.

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Meet the coach

“A lot of my personal development has come from your amazing ability to coach and train people in personal and corporate coaching. I would HIGHLY recommend people to attend your training!” Bryan Wiggins

Jesus brought me into a born-again experience in 1996. He inspired me to start the Collaborate Move•Meant outreach that same year. My journey with Jesus led to creating a Bible study that I taught from March 2002 – 2004 while working at a supermarket. I eventually completed a book based on the Bible study called, Collaborate MoveMeant, in 2012. I have traveled locally and abroad, empowering believers to follow Jesus. I also plublished an international edition of my book with a new title called, Collaborating with Jesus, in 2021. Shortly afterward, the Collaborating with Jesus course and discipleship coaching program launched. 

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