Collaborating with Jesus

Are you a disciple or church leader desiring to cultivate God’s move of revival in your church and city? Surprisingly, many churches do not offer a discipleship program, much less revivalist coaching. Below are the three transformational objectives of revivalist coaching.

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  • Conform to the likeness of Jesus
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  • Collaborate with Jesus in every area of life
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  • Champion the revival lifestyle Jesus modeled for us

How coaching works

A coach leads coachees through inquiry, applying key disciplines of collaborating with Jesus to achieve strategic growth goals and ultimately fulfill their calling as a revivalist.

The unique discipleship DNA and paradigm of the Collaborating with Jesus coaching program will transform disciples and church leaders into world-changing revivalists.

Discipleship DNA

The Collaborating with Jesus book is the impetus behind the revivalist coaching program. It is a recommended read but not required for coaching sessions. Below is the Collaborating with Jesus discipleship DNA.


Vision – Empower Christians around the world to become revivalists that, in turn, make disciples.

Mission – Love people and lead them into a relationship with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

Core Values:

Connection – Engage the heart of Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Vision – View life through the eyes of Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Transformation – Take part in Father God’s divine nature and conform to the image of Jesus.

Collaboration – Dream with Father God and collaborate with Jesus.

Discipleship Paradigm

The discipleship paradigm of Jesus is a central topic in the Collaborating with Jesus book. Jesus modeled what it looks like to live as a “sent one” from heaven. The revivalist coaching program highlights four aspects of the life of Jesus below.


Adoption – Father God adopts believers into His family and makes them His sons and daughters. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, sons and daughters grow in sonship and find a home to thrive in with family.

Vision – Sons and daughters increase vision for life as they explore the areas of discipleship, the kingdom of God, and royalty.

Collaboration – Learn how to operate in the sent paradigm, profile, and pattern of Jesus to collaborate with Him in every area of life.

Supernatural Concentration – Walk in the supernatural lifestyle of hearing Father God’s voice, growing in the five-fold capacities of Jesus, and exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Coaching Session

Each session involves a one-hour voice or video call with the coaching format below. 



Connection – How intimate is my relationship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?

Vision – What do I need to become aware of in my life?

Transformation – What are my hindrances to growth?

Collaboration – What is the change Jesus and I need to create together?

Followed by:

Next Step – Decide on the next step toward following Jesus more closely.

Growth Goal – Decide on a growth goal that helps the coachee become more like Jesus.

Action Plan – Devise an action plan to accomplish the next step and growth goal.

Prayer – Close the session with a Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit directed prayer.

Coaching support

  • Intercessory prayer support before and after sessions
  • Email support between sessions
  • New resource release dates
  • Upcoming events announcements
  • Discipleship networking opportunities

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