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We are a Revival Design Studio. We offer revival resources, design, and strategy that transform your life, church, and city.  

Revival Resources

  • Original transformative content for personal study
  • Courses for church groups
  • School of Revival for church groups and events


  • Discover the God-given design for your life, church, and city
  • Design that conveys the revival expression of the church


  • Know with certainty how revival will happen in a shorter time
  • Strategy for church plants
  • Create the revival movement of the church

You want revival!

You want God to spark a revival. But you do not know how it will happen in your life, church, and city.

Are you a follower of Jesus or a church leader that struggles with experiencing God’s work of revival?

Hello! My name is Donovan. I am happy to talk revival with you. Schedule a consult to choose the best revival resource that will transform your life, church, and city!

Your journey to revival does not have to be long and difficult because of uncertainty about how it will happen.

Step 1

Revival begins with a reawakening of interest in God.

Our revival resources reawaken a strong interest in God.

Step 2

Revival grows with a personal experience of being revived by God.

Our revival resources lead people into personal experiences of being revived by God.

Step 3

Revival becomes a lifestyle!

Our revival resources lead people into revival as a way of life.

Check out our revival resources below! Then schedule a free consultation to discover how your journey to revival can be shorter and much easier with our help. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Collaborate Move•Meant School of Revival exists to ignite revival in lives, churches, and cities. We offer a One or Two-day school for home groups, revival teams, and churches interested in hosting the life-transforming School of Revival.​


We offer two original transformative courses.

Collaborating with Jesus is a discipleship course. The course explores the central truths of the story of Jesus. Jesus modeled for us the life of a “sent one” from heaven. Learn how to operate in the sent paradigm, profile, and pattern of Jesus to collaborate with Him in every area of life. 

Also, check out the Dream Commission course!


Are you a disciple or church leader desiring to cultivate God’s move of revival in your church and city? Surprisingly, many churches do not offer a discipleship program, much less revivalist coaching. Hence, the need for revivalist coaching. Collaborating with Jesus coaching will transform disciples and church leaders into world-changing revivalists.


Are you a revivalist or church leader that struggles with leading revival in your church and city? Revivalists and church leaders benefit from ministry consultation that clarifies the revival expression of the church and casts a vision for creating a revival movement.


God gave every one of us a divine design for our life. He branded a vision, mission, and core values into our spiritual DNA. Burned deep within our spiritual makeup is a God-given purpose, calling, dream and destiny. Discover the God-given design for your life, church, and city with branding and brand strategy.


Check out our featured revival blogs at the Open Blue Hub and get inspired for your heavenly calling.  


Check out our rare revival goods in the Open Blue Market. Our Collaborating with Jesus book and branded attire will cultivate a revival lifestyle.

Share your revival journey with us!

We designed our revival resources with your journey in mind. Whether you are a new believer with a desire to be discipled or a seasoned minister answering the call to start a church, let’s collaborate to create your movement!

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